Friday, July 20, 2007

Just call me Auntie Jessie.....well, almost.

Well, I hope someone actually reads this cuz I am pretty sure all my blog-fans have abandoned me for my horrible lack of blogging....maybe I can get an anonymous out there to chime in. So I had no idea that there were so many hours in a week...I mean, now that I am not wasting them away by doing things like sleeping. Please, note the sarcasm. I have never been so tired in my entire life. And it shows. I look worse and worse everyday at work. Every morning this week I shaved off one more minute of my morning routine in order to sleep that extra minute. Today, I shaved off the mascara. Yikes. By the end of this month, I am pretty sure I am going to unrecognizable as my former self. Anyways, enough about me....

While I type this blog, my sister is laboring away in a hospital in Denver. I got the call this morning while I was on rounds that she had started having contractions last night and went in to the hospital this morning. So I'm pretty sure that my 3 weeks now practicing the art of obstetrics has ruined the "miracle of birth" for me. My sister is a couple days early and all I could think of while we were on the phone was all the things that could be going wrong. I pretty sure I didn't even say something like "how exciting" or "I'm so happy for you." All I could think of was a differential diagnosis for preterm labor. Sorry Sis. Anyways, it looks like I will be Auntie Jessie to little Alex by the end of the day! My only guess as to why he is trying to make his appearance early is that he just wants his Momma to have a friggin glass of wine already. I have no doubts that my sister will be the first mother ever to pump and dump for the first feeding.

In other news, the HLM is leaving me. She has decided to make the move to the big city. And by the big city, I mean the one and only NEW YORK CITY. And she going to be doing it Dangerous Minds style since she took a job teaching at a school in Brooklyn. She's been on the fence for the past three years about whether she enjoys teaching or not, so I feel certain that this new undertaking will help her figure that out. This Saturday she is having a "yard/garage" sale (and I put this in quotes because she has neither a yard, nor a garage) and she is having people just come in to her apartment and buy anything they want. Then, she's gonna take whatever is left over, rent a car, and drive up there. My HLM's got balls. The only upside of this move that I can see is that I'll have somewhere great to visit if I ever have a day off in the next four years. I mean, it is all about me. So I think that the HLM and I are going to have a goodbye dinner at the place where we met. Well, kind of. The restaurant where we met (Rising High) has since closed down (undoubtedly because we aren't there anymore), but there is a new restaurant in that building. The HLM is the last of a long line of friends who have recently left me in Columbia, and my last touch stone with anything nonmedical so once she leaves I am officially going to have nothing to talk about except work.

Anyways, what's going on with my blog-fans? I haven't talked to anyone in forever....leave me some love.


Oh, the pic shown is of little Alex's nursery. How cute is