Friday, January 18, 2008

My New Life in Pics

Ok guys, I realize that I am behind on the blogging but it is not for lack of wanting to blog. My Texas medical license has not cleared yet so I can't start working until that happens. I was told to get out here as fast as possible because the powers that be thought that my license would go through quickly since I dont have a record and I didn't go to medical school in the Caribbean. Soooo...I drop everything and rush out here to sit on a couch in box of an apartment that belongs to someone else with no cable or internet. Sweet. Anyways, all this to say that I have absolutely nothing to blog about.

So, I decided to drive around this morning and take pics of some of my fave places so far in Dallas. By the by, I don't suggest driving around a big city at 8:30 AM (morning rush hour) trying to take pictures out the window of your car. At one point I pulled a Nicole Richie and didn't realize I was going the wrong way on a one way street.

Here is where I am currently residing. 600 sq feet, no internet, and one fuzzy TV station. I've never seen so many news shows in my life. I mean, who watches the news from 4 - 8 PM???Local news, national news, world news, local news, national news......

Here is where I want to live. Directly across the street from I'm living.

Hard to see, but this is the Katy Trail. It's a 3.5 mile path that runs through Uptown Dallas so that all the young professionals can have somewhere to get their jog on and walk their dogs. A lot of apartments back up to the Katy trail so you can walk out your back door and be ready to run. I've looked at a few and you can pretty much add $500 a month for the convenience.

BEST food place on earth - and only one in existence. Think - the prepared food section of Whole Foods /Fresh Market/Dean and Delucca all in a cool, dark atmosphere with loud music playing. I had a salad there the other day and I was expecting a run of the mill yada yada yada salad. But NO! This salad was something else. It mean, it was so good it didn't leave me with the usual "I wish I had had that sandwich" feeling. Yum.

Cute little restaurant around the corner from my apartment. Half priced bottles of wine and the best sparkling Sangria I've ever had.

Hope this is OK for now. I promise to blog the minute something happens in my life.



Anonymous said...

Eatzi's? Isn't there one in Buckhead/Atlanta? I swear I ate there freshman year of college with James Heatley and Danny(his best friend)'s mother (I know. Totally random. James and I flew out of ATL over Fall Break to NJ and Miami, and Danny's mom took us to lunch). Food was AWESOME if I recall.

Dallas looks so cute. I need to come visit, and I know I need to call you back. I'm still trying to figure my life out and decide where I want to go. As much as I want Europe, I've decided I can't do that because I would never see my new nephew/niece if I moved there. I'm headed to San Fran in a month for a few days to see my pregnant sister. Who, unfortunately, still probably weighs less than me.

Sparkling sangria sounds DIVINE.

Kick Doc for me. I'm sure he misses me.

Anonymous said...

Melly-moo - please come visit me ASAP. For rizzle, I am super homesick and don't have shi* to do and no one to do it with. I would love to show you all four things I know so far about Dallas.

Oh, and yes, there were a few other Eatzi's locations but they closed down in 2006 for some idiotic reason.

Anonymous said...

I thought there was an Eatzi's in Chicago too... however I just looked it up and it did indeed close last year. Who knew. Anyways... I'm coming down there too, at some point! We should coordinate, Mel, and then I can visit both of my favoritest femmes at the same time!

Anonymous said...

Hey there. Iwa sgoing to make the same Eatzi's in Atlanta comment, but I see that's been well covered!!!

Well, I would come visit, but we'd be in a hotel - which I guess could work. It'll be quite different travelling with a little one. Any idea when your license will come thru? I leave on Monday for Atl for the week or else I'd see about leaving the LM with Jay & popping over for a weekend. We'll talk & see what we can.

Uptown looks too cute. So much fun.

Love you tons!

Anonymous said...

And btw, it's only a Nicole Richie if you did it on a freeway ramp. I trust you did not.

Anonymous said...

Hmm- so, your apartment shrank at some point between this entry and the last. And, in true Texas style, claiming sole ownership of a restaurant that is clearly a chain - cause everything's bigger and better in Texas - you haven't been there that long and you're already being corrupted!

If it makes you feel any better, I did my share of driving on the wrong side of the road too while I was in the UK, but when the right side is actually the left side, what do they expect?