Friday, May 11, 2007


Well kids, the day is finally here. The powers that be over at the medical school are letting me gradumucate. At 12:30 PM today I will officially have a license to kill. Is anyone else as affected by that statement as I am??

I have very mixed emotions about this whole situation. Sometimes I feel like the past four years has just flown by, but then when I really think about it, I feel like the first day of medical school was back when women still wore shoulder pads and scrunchies. I would worry slightly about that last statement but if you are cool enough to read this blog, then you definitely aren't wearing no scrunchies in your hair. It's also kinda strange that I thought medical school was the worst thing that ever happened to me while I was going through it. Now that it is over, I look back on it and think to myself, "Self, that wasn't so bad." Hindsight is a funny thing.

I just don't feel like a doctor. One morning while we were in Italy we were having a lovely breakfast down in the hotel lobby when the mother at the table beside me started to choke. I heard these strange noises coming from beside me and when I looked over, she was standing up doing the universal choking sign where you wrap your both your hands around your neck. Her husband started giving her the heimlich maneuver and I just sat there in horror. Was I supposed to run over and help her?? These are the things they don't teach you in medical school. When the lady beside me starts to choke, do I run over? When I see a bad car accident, do I pull over?? All I know is that I completely freaked out about whether I was going to have to help that woman or not. Thank god her husband was able to wrangle the salami out of her, because I'm not sure I would have been able to. I told my friends Blair and Kaki (also in school with me) this story on the way to the lake the other day. I had to get their opinions about what they would have done. Blair said "Dude, I totally feel you because something like that happened to me the other night." Apparently, at 2AM she woke up to her doorbell ringing like crazy and when she opened the door her neighbor was standing there freaking out because her husband had stopped breathing and needed Blair's help. Fortunately, right when Blair started freaking out she saw the ambulance pull up in the neighbor's driveway so she was off the hook. Shhheeewwww. I just feel like at this point in my career I should be a little more confident in myself. Well, at least I'm not alone. There's always Blair.

So last night was Gradumucation Day Eve and I tried really hard to do it up right. For my college graduation, my sister, Jay, Jodie, and I (and the rest of the Clemson crew) got so lit on GDE that it was all I could do to even attend my own graduation the next day. After it was all over and I met back up with my family, I noticed that my sister, Jay, and Jodie all had enormous Hardee's cups in their hands. It turns out they were so hungover that they actually left my graduation and walked down to the nearest Hardee's for some refreshments. I was so mad when I found out but not because they left my graduation, because they got to leave and go to Hardee's without me. Those lucky bitches. Anyways, I went through all the motions last night and tried to recreate my college graduation eve, but it just wasn't the same. Boo. But there's always Daniel.

In other news, the Seis de Mayo party was a huge hit. The weather was perfect and it was bocce ball and margaritas galore. It was actually the most drama packed party I have thrown since college. Here's the rundown: Friend A hooked up with Friend B in the guest bedroom. Then later, Friend A hooked up with Friend C in MY bedroom. Once it got dark outside, Friend B was spotted smooching on Friend D in a dark corner of the yard. At the end of the night, Friend B went home with Friend D and Friends A and C made out in my front yard. I had to omit their real names because I am fairly sure Friend A and Friend C read the blog. I'll try to attach a group pic so you can play a little who's who. Note: I am none of the friends.

Ciao Venezia!


Dr J's bro-in-law said...

OK - yet again, I am amazed that you graduated today, and your primary concern is whether or not anyone has commented on your blog! I am happy to see the new tag line of Ciao Venenzia - good compromise on the entire song.

And if it gives you any comfort, all of us in the real world are just as concerned about you and your friends being "real doctors" as you guys are to be considered that way.

About the graduation - it was quite entertaining, but am VERY happy that I was not as hungover as I was last time. Mad props to Daniel for giving the MF bomb to one of the doctors and taking a leak in the yard - AWESOME! Sounds like what I would have done given the opportunity. And also - even more props for being "straight out the trailer park" - rock on dude- don't look back! You won't regret it.

And finally, for someone who knows "friend A" - two words- just damn! For you, good luck Dr. J!

Shereef said...

I had a similar experience when I was in Egypt. This girl was passed out in the mall, and people were like pouring water on her stuff, so I was like hmm...I must have missed that part of the Basic Life Saving course, and decided to step and handle the situation until she came to. Oh and on a side note, I'm not friend A,B,c,or D :)

Very proud big sis said...

OK - so I'm a little behind on the reading of the blog, but I definitely wouldn't read it without leaving a comment. Note : I haven't read the most recent blog yet. I am trying to read them in order & commenting appropriately.

S0 - just damn with the Seis de Mayo party. Too funny! Sounds like at least a good time was had by 4 people (and since Jessie & Shereef claim to not be A, B, C or D I think we know which 4!)

On to graduation - congrats Dr. McCullough - I can NOT believe my little sis is a Dr. - SCARY!!! This is the same woman who just yesterday I think was actually contemplating how to use the vaccuum cleaner on her cat Doc (the difficulty in her mind seemed to be that he is afaraid of the vaccuum)!!!! : )

S0 - here's waiting for when you can start prescribing drugs! : ) Just kidding. Enjoy the last several weeks of freedom before residency begins. You certainly deserve it!

Love you!

lil miss sis said...


I just laughed my ass off at the fact that you recounted the fact that I want to vacuum clean my cat on my blog. I mean literally, tears.

TheHeterosexualLifemate said...

Okay, the truth is out...I'm friends A, B, C and D!

jessie said...

That's what it looks like from the picture!