Monday, May 21, 2007

My Life on the Wagon

Bad news everyone. This blog is about to get real boring real fast. Since I still have a month and a half left of the last vacation of the rest of my life, I decided it was time to get in shape. Yeah, yeah, I hit up the gym a few times a week already, but the reason I do this is solely so that I can continue my lush lifestyle without becoming a total fatass. I am definitely NOT in shape. So what I'm talking about now is serious shape. I even went out and hired myself a Nazi-style personal trainer named Sue Mi to kick my ass thrice weekly.

I mean, Sue Mi is no joke. We had our first meeting on Saturday before the Crawfish Festival. We spent an hour and a half just talking about what this experience is going to be like, and what I want to get out of it and blah blah blah....Most importantly, she told me that I have to keep a food journal and turn it in to her every time we train. Oh and I had to start today, the day of the Crawfish Festival. For those of you who don't know, a food journal is a book that you use to record everything that goes in your mouth every single day. I told her that I wasn't totally into that, but then she of course told me that this was not an option, I had to do it. Well, seeing as how she was going to be judging me three times weekly by this food journal, I decided to be really up front with her. I informed her that I had no problem eating healthily, but that we might run into a slight problem when it comes to the drinkie drinkie. So Sue Mi gave me an extremely detailed diagram of exactly how each page of the journal should look and told me that the beverage portion works by a hash mark system. For every 8 oz of beverages other than alcohol or coffee you drink, you give 1 hash mark. For alcohol and coffee, every 4 oz is a hash mark. Excuse me please, but when was the last time you drank 4 oz of beer? Let's just say that I got off to a bad start on Day 1 with a grand total of 2 hash marks by water and 18 by beer. Not surprisingly, Sue Mi was none to pleased with the food journal at our first training session today. And she was even less pleased that I had a dinner party last night and drank champagne and a few glasses of wine. So from here on out, I am on a strict 2 glass max diet. Now you understand why this blog is about to get really friggin boring.

So sadly, even with my 18 hash marks from the Crawfish Festival, nothing much to blog about. It was fun, but did not top last year what with Angela taking her top off at the neighborhood bar, being asked to leave the bar, Angela hiding her beer between her tig ole bitties, and then being trailed by a police car for the 3 blocks that it took us to walk back to my house. It's hard to beat that.
Last night I had a Bon Voyage Debi dinner party at my house which was attended by Team Anxiety (Debi, Blair, Kaki, and I) + the HLM. We prepared a Mediterranean feast and topped it off with a strawberries and cream ice cream cake from Marble Slab (pictured above) to send Debi off in style. Side note: The four of us are dubbed "Team Anxiety" because we got so anxious before every oral exam in medical school that we managed to stir our other group members into a state of sweaty frenzy and they all wanted to kill us. Anyways, Debi is the only one of us leaving C-town and moving up to the booming metropolis of Winston-Salem where she will complete her anesthesia residency at Wakeforest. After many tears were shed over how much we are going to miss Debi we decided to each tell our funniest memory of Debi from med school. I'll share my story so that you have a little sampling. One night when we were studying late up on the second floor of the library we decided it was time to take a dinner break because we were all starving. Debi said she had to go to the bathroom down on the first floor (which has a certain "meaning") and that she would meet us downstairs in a few minutes. So I waited about 10 minutes, walked downstairs, and didn't see Debi so I went into the bathroom and saw that she was still in the stall. I, in classic Jessie fashion, said "My God! What are you still doing in there??? Pinch it off already so we can go get something to eat!!" To my horror, I walked out of the bathroom and saw Debi sitting at a computer checking her email. Needless to say, we got the hell outta dodge. A great time was had by all and we are going to miss Debi very much, but not really because her new home has a bar and wet bar. Much love to Debi!!
Ciao Venezia!
Some BIZ-NASS: I have had many complaints from blog-fans that they have written comments but they don't post. I would totally think this is a bunch of b.s. and people pretending to comment, but it has actually happened to me too. So what you have to do is write your comment, then click "other'", type in your name, and hit publish. Any other order will not work. If you don't see your comment immediately then it did not post.


-jessie said...

For real, can someone tell me why freakin blogger won't let me put a new paragraph where I want to put a new paragraph??????? Drives my ass crazy!

susan j said...

Why are the comments always zero when I read the blog?? I have decided it must be one of a few options:
a) I randomly happen to check the blog at times that were shortly preceded by you writing it.
b) Everyone else is reading but is uninspired to comment or is to embarrassed to be comment #1.
c) I am a big time waster who checks the blog way too much.

Let's be honest, the chances of (a) are slim. As for (b)... hel-LO people, there is no shame in breaking the comment seal. However, it's looking like (c) may be the likely answer. So to avoid any ill-conceived notions that I have too much free time on my hands or that I ought to be looking up my local chapter of Blogaholics Anonymous, this is the last time you will see me in comment 1. Bid a fond adieu. It's been real.

BTW, a quick suggestion: I'm sorry to dis, but the "ciao venezia" just isn't doing it for me. (sis & boo boo, please don't hate me!) How about if you sign off with "Cheers!"... both in the european "see you later" sense of the word as well as the universal "raise your glass" meaning... I think it's fitting. Just a thought.

Shereef said...

Sue Mi is up for the greatest challenge of her life... :)

Best of luck!!

misspriss said...


Dont know why you are so worried - did you not notice that I left comment number #1? If anyone should worry, it's me because I was the first one to leave a comment ON MY OWN BLOG! And I surely aint scurd to say I got waaaaay to much time on my hands. Keep on doin like you do.

Oh, and I see if could be a little of A too because I finished the blog at 11 PM and noticed that you left your comment at 11:43. Just a little sumpin sumpin to make you feel better and keep bein the first to comment.

Ryan said...

so're on the wagon now? well it was nice knowing you...

A wagon passenger said...

Welcome to the wagon my dear!!! At least you waited until after Italy. It sux, but at least I have Aug 12 to look forward to! :) Maybe you can share in the date with me. A big ol toast to baby Alex.

Let me be one of the only blog fans to say this (since I'm quite sure I'm the only one on the wagon), there is something so NICE about no hangovers! It's even enough to make me consider curbing the drinking once Alex comes (note, curbing, not quitting). So, maybe that carrot can keep ya going.

I'm proud of you & tell Sue Mi to keep kicking your ass. Also keep in mind the $ you don't want to have wasted on Sue Mi. That was a big driver for me when I had personal trainers.

Much love to my sober sis!

susan j said...

OK... I am not a big enough stoopie to not have noticed your comment... I swear it was zero when I did mine.

Mel said...

Because I know I have a better chance of you reading this and then responding to a phone call...

What time am I picking you up for sushi?

And it doesn't matter that the blog is going to get boring, it's going to disappear in another month anyway :-)

jessie said...

mel- i don't appreciate the pessimism when it comes to the blog. it is very possible that it in a month's time i will be blogging weekly about women's whoo-ha's. now wouldn't that be an interesting blog??

oh, and pick me up at 7!

Mel said...

If your blog stories become as nasty as the ones from when you were at that SKETCHY place, I think I'll be staying away :-) I'm gagging just thinking about it.

And okay :-)

Blair said...

You didn't tell me that your personal trainers name is Sue Mi....would have sucked if she had become an OB-GYN...she'd have been asking for malpractice suits....god I'm gay. Anyway, He---LLLOOOO Jessie...I'm back now and I am totally bored too....let's go to the lake!

-jessie said...

Blair, you're a dork. And please remind me to never ever tell you a secret because when you get a couple drinks in ya, those lips get a little loose. The lips on your face I mean. As an OB/GYN, I have to clarify these things. :)

Anonymous said...

The dinner party was fantastic! I really miss all of you. I'm getting settled in and will be ready for guests about the time that we all enter the hell known as internship! HOpe to see you soon!!! Love you....debi