Sunday, May 27, 2007

Twiddling My Thumbs....

Ok, for real now...absolutely nothing is going on in my life. I realize it has been almost a week since I blogged last but I have hit a wall here in my 3 months off. I am ultra bored. Here is a typical day in the life of Jessie:

7:00 wake up
7:30 get out of bed
8-9:30 eat breakfast and drink cup after cup of coffee while watching the Today Show
9:30-11 work out
11-12 shower and watch Rachael Ray
12:00 eat lunch
1:00 - ??? watch endless hours of tv
10:00 go to sleep

My God, you probably fell asleep while reading my daily schedule. And to make matters worse, the HLM is leaving on Wednesday to go on vacay for a whole friggin week!! What the hizell am I supposed to do and why don't I have any hobbies??

Well, hopefully I will have some great dreams tonight and become inspired to hit you up with an awesome blog tomorrow. Otherwise, I am going to need someone to save me from myself. I mean, right now I am watching an episode of my favorite guilty pleasure show, The Girls Next Door, that I have already seen at least twice. Just damn.

UPDATE: June 1, 2007 8:52 AM


This new signoff is brought to you by none other than the blogaholic Susanj.


The HLM said...

well, i hope you remember how boring not working is come july 1st when you are elbow deep in cooch for 80 hours a week.
also, being on the wagon leaves little opportunity for excitement from day to day...speaking of which, it may be time to re-visit the idea of changing the name of the blog considering you have abandoned your "lush" staus (not to mention that once you start your residency you will have zero time to drink even if you want to-especially if you are going to try to keep this thing up. just a thought.
i'll miss you this week, but do my best to have fun so you can live vicariously through me. :)
love you!

Wishing I were bored said...

Oh, to have the problem of being bored. Having to watch TV for 9 hrs a day. You could pick up scrapbooking or something! : ) Or you can come visit us & obsess with me about getting our lives ready for the biggest change ever. Believe it or not, Jay & I actually painted Alex'sroom last night. Much to our dismay - they lied when they said it should only need one coat. Guess what tonight has in store for us? Believe me, we'd much rather be sitting on our butts watching TV!

I agree with HLM, remember these times when you're totally stressed out & exhausted from residency & delivering a billion babies. You won't even have time for 1 episode of Girls Next Door.

Speaking of TV - we need to discuss Heroes. And, you know what started up last week? So You Think You Can Dance! Matt & Megan are coming over on Friday to watch it with us. Look what you & HLM have done to us.

Well, I actually have to work, so gotta run. Love you tons.

Shereef said...

You can always come check out the place in Gvegas ;)

susan j said...

Wait, you watch Heroes?? I just got around to watching the season finale this week & have no one to discuss with!

Mel said...

Susan J, how did you not know that Jessie and I became obsessed with Heroes? I had DVR-ed all the episodes (it was the first 12 or so) and we watched them in like 3 days.

Jessie, I don't really have a comment for you. I still don't know what I'm wearing to the wedding.

-jessie said...

Golly, I have so much to respond to.

First and foremost, as most of you could have guessed, Sue Mi ditched me after 2 training sessions by claiming to have a "family crisis." I'm fairly sure that is just code for "I can't handle you."

Sis, thanks for the invite to come to Denver to do manual labor, but I'm too broke to make it out right now. Darn.

Susanj, yes I watch Heroes religiously and would be happy to discuss anytime. I can't believe you waited so long to watch the friggin finale. I could hardly breathe I was so excited.

Mel, we are not gonna be able to leave for Chucktown until later because I got too drunk last night to go get my Lindsay Lohan tan so I gotta do it this morning. Boo.

And lastly, I have never been so excited to go to a wedding weekend in my life. It will be the first time the whole college crew (minus Susanj) is getting together in forever so I might FINALLY have something to blog about!!

susan j said...

What do mean, minus me?? I'll be there! (plus one)

dr. j said...

this weekend is willy's wedding and you won't be here. i'll see YOU in 2 weeks at julie's wedding silly.

susan j said...

Right. Just making sure you were paying attention.