Saturday, June 23, 2007

Meet my New BFFs

Well, it's Saturday morning and I am super hungover from the heterosexual life mate's all girls dinner last night and also super bored because nothing is on the boob tube so I thought I would blog again! First and foremost, let me tell you about the wonderful menu the HLM prepared for us last night. The dinner started with my top 2 favorite appetizers, roasted red pepper hummus with pita chips and yes you guessed it, nuts. I think we all know about my love for nuts. After several glasses of wine and even more fistfuls of nuts, we were served our first course of feta, cucumber, and tomato salad. Yum. This was topped only by the main dish of lemon pepper salmon on a bed of spicy mashed sweet potatoes. I love it when the HLM cooks for me. I think Aurelia and Johanna enjoyed it just as much as me seeing as how we all licked our plates.

Anyways, I thought I would go ahead and introduce you to the girls I am going to be spending 80+ hours a week with for the next 4 years of my life. I was really anxious about meeting them because people who go into OB/GYN usually fall into one of two categories. There are the blonde, petite, Lilly Pulitzer wearing nice-to-your-face-but-talk-about-you-behind-your-back types and the big, butch, I-say-whatever-I-want-right-to-your-face types. How I got in the mix I have no idea. Well, there is a total of 5 of us and I already know one of the girls because she went to med school with me. She is married and just had a baby 4 months ago so clearly that is the last you will ever hear of her. So I am very pleased to say that the 3 other girls do not fit in to either of the previously mentioned categories. The first girl is named Julie and I can't remember where she is from but she went to med school in the Caribbean....St. Maarten to be exact. So while I was crammed in a small dark study room with no windows on the second floor of the library, she was lying on a white sand beach switching between her Physiology notes and the new issue of Vanity Fair. What a biznatch. Anyways, she seems really cool and her boyfriend is a vidalia onion farmer somewhere in Georgia. She said she is pretty sure he is not going to be able to move here because apparently he can't farm onions in Columbia, SC. The next girl is Allison and she is from Toledo, Ohio. She moved down here about a month and a half ago and this guy she had been dating for awhile came down to visit 2 weeks ago. She said that during his visit they got a wild hair and decided to get hitched. She bought a place out in the Northeast so they went out to the fountain at Sandhills shopping center and somewhere between buying creams at Bath and Bodyworks and eating at Wild Wings they got married. Huh. Well, she is funny because she said that when she moved down here she thought that everyone was going to be all nice and Southern and that she was surprised because none of her new neighbors had come over to meet her. I thought this was strange so I started asking her some questions to figure out what was going on. It turns out that the culprit is a "Go Away" doormat on her front porch. She said that up in Ohio this is commonplace and everyone knows that this is just a joke but I quickly informed her that that is not how we roll in the South. So I think she is going to get rid of the mat and hopefully make nice with her neighbors. The last girl is named Susan and she is from Pinehurst, NC which I have never heard of but apparently is just up Highway 1 (which I also have no idea where that is). She went to school in Israel and is dating a 7-foot tall Jew that is still over in Israel. He is hoping to get in the Masters of Business program at USC next year so he won't be around for at least a year. Well, thankfully they all seem like a great bunch of girls and I think we are going to get along just fine. Sheeewww.

So tonight is the "Welcome the New Interns" party at the home of my favorite attending, Dr. Sara Smith. It is a cookout and a dessert cook-off for the new interns. I have been testing out recipes all week long and I thought I had this shizzle in the bag until I met the girls yesterday. They also are big cooks and have been feverishly scanning all week for recipes. Crap!! Yesterday at orientation they were talking about sticks of butter, cream cheese, Crisco, lard....I've got my work cut out for me. I found a great recipe for lemon bars and asked my roomie Todd if he thought that would be the golden ticket and he quickly let me know that if I want to win this thing, its gotta be chocolate. So its 11AM now and the party is at 6:30 and I still don't know what I am going to make. Oh, and I'm really hungover and don't even feel like getting off the couch.

Leave me some comments about what you think will win it for me. I'm bored.


UPDATE: I made Emeril's Ooey Gooey Chocolate Cupcakes for the party and didn't win a darn thing, but I did snap a shot of my new BFFs. Pictured from left: Allison, Susan, Mua, Julie. Alicia didn't make it in the pic cuz she was pumping or feeding or doin sumpin wit her baby.


6 weeks and counting.... said...

So sorry I missed the window for leaving you any thoughts on a dessert. Although I can't cook or bake fro crap, I can eat with the best of them. I'll be anxious to hear what you ended up doing, but in my mind - no lemon bar will win. I'm with Tood - has to have some form of chocolate. Seriously - a lemon bar?????

Sounds like a good group of girls - although very internationally diverse, either themselves or their boyfriends. And getting married on a whim in Cola? CRAZY. Good call on the door mat. What's up with Ohio if they think that;s funny or welcoming? Also, if they are in the NE, you have a lot of transplants who might not be "real" southerners.

Well, I'm off. It's Boo's bday today (you might wanna call if you get a minute) & we've got some bday pizza to eat before going to our small group tonight for cake & homemade ice cream by Matt & Megan. Oh -we went to Cirque du Soliel last night - FANTASTIC!!! And, before hand we had a great Italian meal, but most importantly, we saw Tiffany (as in "I Think We're Alone Now"!! Too funny!

Love ya, lil sis

Sweatin my booty off in Denver said...

Oh - one other thing I meant to comment on - actually having to do with the previous blogs & sweating. I has been around 95 degrees here every day for the past week & you think I'm a sweaty kitty usually - you should see me at 34 weeks pregnant. Just Damn. I'm like a freaking sweat faucet. Our damn energy bill is going to $500 because we keep it at 64! So, I'm not sure who in the McCullough family line is to blame for the sweatiness, but I'd love to kill them. Mom nor Dad were/are big sweaters were they?? At least not from just standing around!

Anywho - thought you could appreciate a little sympathy from someone who truly feels your sweat pain!

-jessie said...

Suses-why no comment on the blog?? I rushed to write it so you wouldn't be bored at work today and nothing?? What kind of crap is that?

Kimberly said...

I have some fantastic dessert recipes. I wish I'd read this earlier! I used to bring a baked good every week for all of Ryan's law school friends when we had poker night. I still get random emails from some of them asking for more.

BrothaMan said...

Since you'll be together for a while, glad you didn't get strapped with the butches!

And thanks for the Birthday shout out - oh yeah, there was none!